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Friday, May 01, 2015 8:17 AM | Ed (Administrator)
New bike lanes, past events, and where we're going!
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May 2015
Hello From the Membership Coordinator

Greetings everyone! Thank you for opening our May newsletter! It's been a while since we've put one of these out, but it's never too late to start again. For those of you who do not know, my name is Austin T. D. Hall. I am the Membership Coordinator, and in addition, the editor of the newsletter. The FCBC Board and I have been working hard to step up our game with the organization, and we wanted to start cluing all our members and friends into the goings-on of biking in Fresno County. I sincerely hope you enjoy this newsletter and learn a little bit about what's going on. Most importantly, I hope you have questions and want to get in touch with us. We're looking to grow and pursue with renewed vigor our mission of encouraging, educating, and advocating bicycling here in Fresno County!

Best regards,

Austin T. D. Hall
Membership Coordinator
New Bike Lanes on Millbrook Avenue

Millbrook Avenue in the early morning with its newest bike lanes
Good news! Millbrook Avenue has gone through road diets (the term for changing a four lane road to a two lane road and adding a turn out lane as well as bike lanes!) in fits and starts. Up until April 2015, Millbrook Avenue had bike lanes from Shaw to Gettysburg, and again from Ashlan to Dakota. Over the past month the City has painted new bike lanes completing the streets from Shaw all the way to Shields. Happy riding!
Past Events

Merced Bicycle Coalition Tour of Fresno

On March 14th members of the Merced Bicycle Coalition visited Clovis and the FCBC gave them a tour of the Enterprise Canal Trail. The ride began and ended at the new Dry Creek Trailhead, a facility constructed by the City of Clovis which includes shaded picnic tables, ample parking for cars and bicycles, restrooms, and bicycle repair stations with tools and pumps. Our favorite amenity is the water-bottle friendly water fountain. After the 16-mile ride on the trails, bike lanes, and streets of Clovis, we enjoyed lunch at Luna's Pizzeria in Old Town Clovis. The FCBC is planning to visit Merced again in October, so pencil that in.

Earth Day Rolling Workshop and Fun Ride
On April 25th Fresno area cyclists met at Tower Velo in the pouring rain and rode to Fresno City College to demonstrate locking up to useful- and not so useful, bike racks. From there we went to the Manchester Transit Center to check out those blue plastic bike shells you may have seen around town. We also had a practice bus come out so we could practice putting our bikes on the front racks. After that we rode as the sky cleared to the Fresno Earth Day event at Radio Park. What a day!

Website Update
In the past month, members of the board of the FCBC, Ed Smith our Chair, Austin Hall our Membership Coordinator, and Tony Molina our Recorder, as well as Ed's son Thor, have been working to update our organization's website. We've stripped it down and made the color scheme work with our new logo. Take a look at it here! Have any comments? E-mail us and let the board know, let's work together to make it better!
Upcoming Events

Mall to Mall Ride
This May the 6th we will be hosting the annual Mall to Mall Ride! For more about that event, check out the event page. We're still looking for volunteers, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Bike to Work Day
On May 13th the FCBC will be hosting an energy station for the Bike to Work day in celebration of May is Bike Month. Come find us at the Tower Theater from 6:30am to 9:00am to get some energy and encouragement! Want to volunteer? Contact Tony!

Traffic Skills 101
On June 11th and 13th FCBC will be putting on courses to instruct anyone who is interested on how to safely cycle on city streets. Our first event is the Smart Cycling Part I: Classroom and Lecture, which is a free event. It's also a prerequisite for the second event, Smart Cycling Part II: Bike Campus and Road, where cyclists will put their teaching to the test under the guidance of trained instructors like board members Ed Smith and Tony Molina.

Next Board Meeting
At our April board meeting, in order to not conflict with the busy schedule of our board members, the board decided to change our board meetings from monthly to quarterly. The board decided to place greater responsibilities on our committees. Our next board meeting is TBD.

Other Bike Month Events
iBikeFresno is conducting its Million Mile Challenge during the month of May and the Bike to Work Day Corporate Challenge on May 13th. For details on these and other Bike Month events, check out


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