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August 2019

Bike Helmets

One of the best ways to protect yourself when riding your bike is to wear a helmet.  Helmets can significantly reduce traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, and lessen injuries to the face and neck.  In California, helmets are mandatory for those under 18.   No state is the U.S. currently has a mandatory helmet use law for adults.  Proposed legislation in 2015 to make helmets mandatory for adults in California was withdrawn because of opposition by some bicycle advocacy groups over concerns that it would imply that bicycling is dangerous or be a barrier to cycling for those who do not want to wear a helmet for whatever reason.  These advocates instead focus on promoting improved infrastructure that reduces conflicts with other road users.

FCBC strongly recommends that all cyclists wear helmets.  Just as following all traffic laws sets a good example for other cyclists, wearing a helmet also sets a good example, especially for the youth.  All participants in FCBC group rides must wear a helmet.

Since 1994, minors have been required to wear a helmet while riding a bike in California.  The law was expanded in 2003 to include minors riding scooters, roller skates, and skateboards.  However, it is readily apparent that throughout the Fresno metropolitan area the law is regularly ignored.  

Last year Assembly Bill 3077 was signed into law, which made failure to wear a helmet when riding a bike a “fix it ticket” that could be corrected by showing proof of ownership of a proper helmet and attendance of a bicycle safety course rather than needing to pay a fine that could run in the hundreds of dollars with court fees.

MIPS and WaveCel are technologies that reduce rotational forces transmitted to the brain and thereby reduce the potential for brain injuries.  More traditional helmets are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS).  All helmets sold in the U.S. must meet safety standards set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).  Over time polystyrene foam can degrade from sweat and sunblock, and the outer shell can become brittle from UV light.  Helmets should be replaced if they have been involved in a crash or show signs of degradation. 

Over the past few months, FCBC has partnered with the City of Fresno Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the Fresno Cycling Club to distribute free bike helmets.  Many more helmet distributions are planned in the upcoming months.

Helmet Distributions at Romain Park

On July 18 and 25, two more helmet giveaways were held at Romain Park in Central Fresno.  Thanks to FCBC member Susan Smith and Board member Tony Molina for helping to give safety talks and hand out the helmets.

End of Summer Family Bike Rodeo at Steven’s Bicycle on August 25

A bicycle rodeo will be held at Steven’s Bicycles at the northeast corner of Willow and Nees Avenues in Clovis on Sunday, August 25 between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm.  The event will be open to both children and adults.  All participants will receive a safety talk and helmet fitting, then go through a course to practice turns and stops.  Older participants will also be able to practice the quick stop, quick turn, and rock dodge.  Those who do not own a bicycle helmet will be able to leave the event with one.

New Location for Board Meeting

The FCBC Board will be meeting on Thursday, August 15 at the Santa Fe Basque Restaurant at 3110 N. Maroa Avenue, just south of Shields Avenue.  Show up at 5:30 p.m. for a family-style dinner.  The Board meeting will start promptly at 6:00 p.m.   Everyone is welcome to attend.

Have a comment or suggestion?  Contact us at info@fresnobike.org

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