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January 2021

A Look Ahead at 2021

Happy New Year!  Every January, the FCBC Board has a retreat to revisit the accomplishments, highs, and lows of the previous year and sets the goals and maps out the activities of the upcoming year.  The plans for last year were interrupted by the pandemic.  Because it is unknown when in the year life will become more normal and group activities once again permitted, it is difficult to plan any activities beyond those that are done virtually.

The FCBC calendar is normally filled with Bike Month activities, Smart Cycling classes, parades, bike rodeos, light and helmet giveaways, group rides, and many other activities done in partnership with other organizations or local governments.  In the coming months, efforts to get Bike Match off the ground and partnering with the U.S. Green Building Council Central California to provide bicycle education will continue, but the pause in other activities is providing an opportunity to determine how FCBC can best use its resources in the next several years to further the mission to promote safe bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation in Fresno County through advocacy and education.

Historically, activities by FCBC have been related to advocating for better bicycle facilities, providing bicycle education to existing and budding bicyclists of all ages, and promoting bicycling as a healthy, fun, and sustainable mode of transportation.  FCBC has had showcase events including the Mall to Mall Ride, Bike to Work Day, Bike Through History, and more recently Bike Prom.  What FCBC lacks is a large membership from which to draw volunteers, and putting on large events, such as with the CenCalVia open streets events in 2016 and 2017, has proved to be particularly draining.  FCBC is a nonprofit organization with no paid staff and therefore relies on volunteers for the success of initiatives.  The volunteers are very much appreciated for their giving of time and resources, no matter how big or small, but burnout has been real for some, and the areas of planning and logistics could be improved.

In the next few months FCBC will be developing a vision statement to guide the next five years.  A vision statement is aspirational and speaks of what an organization will be upon achieving its mission.  This effort will involve speaking to FCBC members, past and present, and also to external stakeholders.  All input is welcome.

The transportation landscape is changing with important discussions occurring at all levels of government regarding equity, complete streets, reduction of vehicle-miles traveled, and climate change.  These present potential opportunities, and the strategic planning efforts will help provide direction to allow FCBC to best serve the community, especially in areas that are underserved.

Board Elections

Board elections were held last month, and Tony Molina was reelected Board Chair.  After a hiatus of a few years, Juan Flores returned to the Board as Vice Chair.  Remaining on the Board are Ed Smith as Past Chair and Secretary, Jack Nelson as Treasurer, and John Liu, Jeremy Doyel, and Thor Smith as At Large Directors.  The Membership Coordinator position is vacant.  The FCBC Board has the ability to fill vacant positions by majority vote at Board meetings.  Any FCBC member who has an interest to serve on the Board as Membership Coordinator can contact the Board at info@fresnobike.org for more information.

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 21 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.  Topics include the ongoing strategic planning effort and updates on Bike Match and the virtual screening and community discussion of the Motherload film scheduled for May.  Everyone is welcome to join the virtual meeting.  If you would like to participate, please send an email to info@fresnobike.org, and the login information and call-in number will be sent to you.

Have a comment or suggestion?  Contact us at info@fresnobike.org

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