At Bike Station, we're more than just a pop-up – we're a community hub on wheels, dedicated to transforming the Central Valley into a cycling haven. Our mission is simple yet powerful: we aim to elevate cycling as an accessible and cost-effective mode of transport, empower individuals with the know-how of bicycle maintenance, and foster a culture of safety through education. 

Accessibility: We believe everyone should have access to bike maintenance resources, regardless of skill level or economic status. 

Empowerment: Knowledge is pedal power. We empower our community by equipping them with the skills to become self-sufficient in bicycle maintenance. 

Safety First: Through educational initiatives, we're committed to promoting a safer cycling environment for all. 

Pop-Up with Purpose: Our mobile Bike Station pops-up where it's needed most, reaching the heart of communities in the Central Valley. 

Tools of Empowerment:We provide not just bike stands and tools, but also knowledgeable volunteer staff eager to assist patrons in mastering their bicycle repair needs. 

Join the Bike Station movement and be part of a community-driven initiative that's transforming Fresno County, one bike at a time

Bike Station is a pop-up event to help you tune-up your bicycle for FREE! We teach you how to get your bicycle back in proper riding condition! ‍

Does your bicycle need some love ? Do you want to learn ‍ how to fix, but need the tools and a little guidance? Gears not engaging? Wheels wobbly and not rolling? Tires need patching and pumping? Brakes not stopping? Mysterious squeaks and squeals? We've got the tools, workstands, cables, tubes, lube and grease. Experienced volunteers will be there to guide you to repair your bicycle. The monthly DIY Clinic regularly takes place at the Van Ness Village lot, 1400 block of North Van Ness Avenue, between Floradora and Home. Sponsored by Tower Velo Bicycle Shop & Fresno County Bicycle Coalition.

Donations are welcome! Donate money virtually at & make sure to indicate Bicycle Station. New or used (but not damaged) non-electric bikes, wheels, components, gear and accessories are also accepted for donation. Motorized bicycles are not accepted at this time. Contact

to coordinate donations of physical items, to volunteer, or for any other questions. Need volunteer credit for school? Do you want to learn more about how to work on a bicycle? Do you already love working on bicycles? Become a volunteer today by sending an email to!

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Fresno County Bicycle Coalition

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