FCBC Mission

FCBC works to build healthy, equitable, and safe communities through advocacy, education, and collaboration that promotes bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation.


We envision a Fresno County that is a beacon of positive transformation where bicycling is safe, enjoyable, and accessible to all, and is an integral part of a sustainable multimodal transportation system.

Guiding Principles

  • We educate and encourage people to ride safely, knowledgeably, and confidently.
  • We create community and social connection through bicycling.
  • We promote equitable access to bicycling.
  • We promote bicycling for economic vitality, health, and wellbeing.

What is the Coalition?

The FCBC is a volunteer-run organization based on the support of its members. Members' time and donations help make Fresno County a safer place to live and ride.

Our activities have focused on various neighborhoods and communities in Fresno, including the Tower District, Southeast Fresno, Southwest Fresno, and Central Fresno. In these communities, the cost of car ownership and maintenance is often a burden, and encouraging people to get outside on their bikes can improve their health as well as save them money.

Fresno County is home to over a million people. A third of Fresno, CA residents live in high poverty neighborhoods, the second-highest rate in the nation, and Black, Latino, and Asian residents are more likely to live in these neighborhoods versus elsewhere in the city. Life expectancy for residents in poorer neighborhoods and those elsewhere in Fresno can vary by 20 years. Eight out of the 10 most common occupations in the city do not have high enough annual wages to afford a one-bedroom apartment at market rents. This area has great need for accessible transportation, indicated by extremely low scores on the Healthy Places Index. 

Increases in bicycling will provide any community with an affordable, sustainable and enjoyable mode of transportation, reduce traffic congestion and fossil fuel dependency, and improve access to jobs, education, and other essential services. Improving access to activities such as outdoor cycling helps promote active and healthy lifestyles, and strengthens the overall health and well-being of the community.


All of our meetings are open to the public, and we are always eager to hear about your experiences bicycling in this county. We are always open to suggestions, and we can definitely use your help!

Board of Directors

Tony Molina, Chair


A recovering Fresno State Student Health Center bicycle commuter, Tony is motivated to serve as chair of FCBC as he believes bicycling provides a solution to many of life’s problems and that sharing the joy of bicycling is its own reward.

Julie Congi, Vice Chair


Julie is the director of Bike Station, a bicycle clinic where we teach people how to tune up their bicycle. 

Edie Smith, Past Chair and Secretary


Edie uses her bike for everyday transportation and recreation in Fresno County. She rides everywhere and doesn’t bother to own a car.

Jeremy Doyel, Treasurer


Raised in the small fishing village of Kerman, Jeremy enjoys teaching others the simple benefits of bicycles and spends his time working on commercial HVAC systems.

Edna Pedroza, Membership Coordinator


Edna has an MFA in Graphic Design from the fabulous Vermont College of Fine Arts. She enjoys bicycle advocacy, bicycling, traveling, and backpacking. Become a member today!

John Liu, At-large Director


John is a bike commuter to his job at Caltrans, where improving bicycle infrastructure is a major focus and is a registered Civil Engineer, registered Traffic Engineer, and LCI.

Thor Smith, At-large Director


Thor has been volunteering with the FCBC since he was four years old and is currently a member at large on the board.

Kyle Calvert, At-large Director


Kyle is a bike mechanic at The Bike Shop, and loves to ride. 

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