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March 2021

FCBC Mission Survey Results

Shortly after the beginning of the year, FCBC embarked on an effort to update the mission statement, develop a vision statement, and identify core values to help guide where FCBC should focus its time, energy, and resources over the next five years.  It is important that the mission, vision, and value statements reflect the culture and commitments of the membership and community partners.  The survey was sent to current and past FCBC members and other stakeholders in the community to get their perspectives.

A mission statement speaks of the purpose of an organization to help guide it into the future.  The survey included the current mission statement of “To promote safe bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation in Fresno County through advocacy and education” and two alternative statements.  The survey showed a clear preference for a new mission statement:  “FCBC works to build healthy, equitable, and safe communities through advocacy, education, and collaboration that promotes bicycling for everyday transportation and recreation.”

A vision statement describes how the world would look if FCBC achieves its mission.  Results of the survey showed an even split between the two options:

  • “We envision Fresno County with safe, comfortable, and equitable access to bikeways and streets for individuals of all ages, genders, ethnic, and socioeconomic statuses.  It will contain physical and mentally healthy communities where bicycling is the preferred choice for transportation.  These communities will experience increased economic benefits and stability due to the incorporation of bicycling as an integral part of the transportation system and will benefit from cleaner air and avoid the negative impacts of a warming climate.”
  • “We envision a Fresno County that is a beacon for sustainable transformation.  The key to this transformation is safe, enjoyable, and equitable access to widespread bicycle networks that are welcoming to individuals and groups of all ages, abilities, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses.  Communities will benefit from cleaner lungs, stronger relationships, and more resilient economies brought about by a transportation system that encourages bicycling as an integral part of multimodal transportation."

Based on feedback for a shorter vision statement, elements of the two vision statements were combined to form a third version:

  • “We envision a Fresno County that is a beacon of positive transformation where bicycling is safe, enjoyable, and accessible to all, and is an integral part of a sustainable multimodal transportation system.”

Core value statements are used to guide daily decisions.  The ten proposed core value statements were ranked in the following order, from high to low:

  • A future for all ages that includes bicycling.
  • The environmental benefits of bicycling.
  • The economic benefits of bicycling.
  • Community and social connection through bicycling.
  • Freedom through bicycling.
  • Integrity, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Amplifying the voices of diverse and marginalized communities.
  • Strength through collaboration.
  • Evaluation of our effectiveness.
  • Service to others through volunteering.

When asked which one core value statement is the most important, the following received the most responses:

  • A future for all ages that includes bicycling.
  • The environmental benefits of bicycling.
  • Freedom through bicycling.
  • Amplifying the voices of diverse and marginalized communities.

The results of the survey will be used to guide continued strategic planning efforts, including selecting future projects and initiatives.  Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey and provided valuable input.

The MOTHERLOAD Movie is Coming!

The virtual screening of the MOTHERLOAD Movie has been scheduled to kick off Bike Month the first weekend in May.  After the virtual screening, FCBC is hosting a Virtual Community MOTHERLOAD Discussion on Sunday May 2, 2021 at 4 PM with director Liz Canning and invited local guest panelists Fresno City Councilmember Esmeralda Soria, FUSD Trustee Veva Islas, and US Green Building Council Executive Director Laura Gromis. 

MOTHERLOAD captures a new mother’s quest to understand the increasing isolation and disconnection of modern life, its planetary impact, and how cargo bikes could be an antidote.  Filmmaker Liz Canning cycled everywhere until she had twins in 2008.  Motherhood was challenging, but to Liz hauling babies via car felt stifling.  She Googled “family bike” and uncovered a global movement of people replacing cars with cargo bikes: long-frame bicycles designed for carrying heavy loads. Liz set out to learn more, and MOTHERLOAD was born.  Since making its world premiere in May 2019, MOTHERLOAD has been on a Global Screening Tour, winning multiple awards and playing over 300 venues. For more details and to register:

Register for this event at Eventbrite

Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 18 at 7:30 pm via Zoom.  Topics will include:

  • Formally adopting new mission, vision, and core values for the ongoing strategic planning efforts
  • Bike Month activities, including the virtual screening and community discussion of the MOTHERLOAD Movie
  • Upcoming legislation, including Assembly Bill 122, which proposes to allow bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, commonly referred to as an "Idaho stop"
  • National Bike Summit Report
  • Bike Match updates
  • Smart Cycling updates
  • Health Air Alliance Video
  • Upcoming events: FCBC "Bike with Cops" family fun ride mid April 

Everyone is welcome to join the virtual board meeting.  If you would like to participate, please send an email to info@fresnobike.org, and the login information and call-in number will be sent to you.

Not yet a member of FCBC or need to renew? Join us at: https://fresnobike.org/join

Have a comment or suggestion?  Contact us at info@fresnobike.org

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