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Chapter 3: Old Town Clovis Trail

Old Town Clovis and Sugar Pine trails

The Clovis Old Town Trail and the Sugar Pine Trail are two adjoining rail-trails that link the communities of Clovis and Fresno. They came about as a result of community involvement as well as an opportunity to convert an old and unused railroad track into a great community asset. Joggers, cyclists, businesses and multiple environmental organizations all came together to support the rail-to-trail conversion, which connects many existing area resources. Approximately 4,400 trees were planted along the trails to add to the beauty as well as provide shade joggers and cyclists from the hot Central Valley sun.

The Clovis Old Town Trail begins near the intersection of Dakota and Clovis Avenue on the southern edge of Clovis and continues north along Clovis Avenue. The trail meanders through many residential and commercial areas, with easy access along the entire length. There are various rest stops along the way as well as locations that offer opportunities for people to do sit-ups, push-ups, pull-ups with the exercise equipment that is situated in various places along the trail. 

Along the Clovis Old Town Trail you will find Old Town Clovis, located west of the trail, between 4th and 5th Streets, as well as the Clovis Rodeo Grounds, home to the annual April rodeo. You will also find Railroad Park on Peach Avenue, and the connection to Dry Creek Trail at Minnewawa Avenue. You can also continue on the Clovis Old Town Trail until it ends at Copper Avenue.

The Clovis Old Town Trail joins the Sugar Pine Trail on Willow Avenue between Nees Avenue and Teague Avenue. Bicyclist can take that trail north along Willow Avenue and west along Shepherd Avenue through northern Fresno to eventually reach the River Park shopping center.

Some people complain about the many intersections along the path, with their crosswalks and red lights, but these are minor inconveniences when you consider the safety and convenience that the bike trail provides because it is off the street. There are a few underpasses along the trail that permit you to avoid crossing some busy streets. As a caution, you will sometimes find sludge at the bottom of the underpasses next to the drainage grates. These could be slippery and cause bicyclists to slip. Also inexperienced bicyclists or those using one speed bikes could struggle with the grading of the underpass. There are also some construction projects in downtown Clovis have broken up the trail. Once they are completed, the trail will be reconnected and continue to offer a great bicycling experience.

To reach the southern trailhead in Clovis, from State Route 99, take State Route 180 east, proceed 7 miles and then take the Clovis Avenue exit. Head north for 2.5 miles. The trailhead is on Clovis Avenue, 0.3 mile south of the intersection with Dakota Avenue. There is no parking at the beginning of the trail, but you can park along Dakota Avenue.

We hope you enjoyed this chapter from Juan Flores' Bicycling in Fresno.

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