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Educator, author and FCBC Membership Coordinator Juan Flores has written a book on the challenges and rewards of traveling Fresno on two wheels and has generously made it available for us to read free of charge on this site.

Bicycling in Fresno by Juan Flores

Chapter 1: Defensive Biking

Chapter 2: Introduction to Canal Bike Trails and Bike Paths

Chapter 3: Old Town Clovis Trail

Chapter 4: Sugar Pine Trail

Chapter 5: Kearney Mansion

Chapter 6: Enterprise Canal Trail

Chapter 7: Palm Avenue Cross Town Ride

Chapter 8: Chinatown Ride

Chapter 9: Bike Polo In Fresno

Chapter 10: Sycamore Island

Chapter 11: Tesoro Viejo

Juan is welcoming feedback, corrections, or additions at juan@fresnobike.org

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