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Educator, author and FCBC Membership Coordinator Juan Flores has written a book on the challenges and rewards of traveling Fresno on two wheels and has generously made it available for us to read free of charge on this site.

A new chapter will be released with our member newsletter and subsequently posted here, so check back often!


Bicycling in Fresno by Juan Flores

Chapter 1: Defensive Biking

Chapter 2: Introduction to Canal Bike Trails and Bike Paths

Chapter 3: Old Town Clovis Trail

Chapter 4: Sugar Pine Trail

Chapter 5: Kearney Mansion

Chapter 6: Enterprise Canal Trail

Chapter 7: Palm Avenue Cross Town Ride

Chapter 8: Chinatown Ride

Chapter 9: Bike Polo In Fresno

Chapter 10: Sycamore Island

Juan is welcoming feedback, corrections, or additions at juan@fresnobike.org

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